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Website Updates
UPDATE looks like the IP address portion doesn't work ugh.. and it was changed.. it looks like when I have power outages the IP address will change. I'll find some solution or perhaps invest in a UPS. If your DNS has propagated everything should be up and running and you can see this message YAY! should be the temporary address for this site over the weekend.

The front news page has just gotten a complete revamping. We think most of the data displays "roughly" the same. After some testing we'll be adding a few additions for multiple users to update the news section. Along with some rewriting of the side menu's (probably some javascript display toggling). When the news archiving scripts are complete and in the news section we'll get around to shrinking this front page down!

More and more ideas for the item database are coming along. Issues have come about adding it to this little template/blog style system thats being written for this site.

We've been running more tests on XSS and SQL injects and so far things have been going ok. Please post any comments if you realize otherwise. In the works is the banner affiliate/link tracking information to see where we get hits from!
I'll be testing a new methodology for the websites back end engine to keep things running smoothly (I really can't wait to test it and try to break it!!).
Lyconis - 2008-05-19