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Here you will find an archived list of news that has appeared on the front page of the Order of The Eight Virtues Website. Along with a list of articles listed on the Britain News Network.
The original articles from the Britain News Network can be found here http://town.uo.com/bnn/

Order of the Eight Virtues Archived News
Blackrock golems invading Magincia    Added - 2010-10-10
Empty Graves    Added - 2010-10-09
Ratman Relic    Added - 2010-09-09
A Mysterious Substance    Added - 2010-09-06
True Lub    Added - 2010-06-26
The Easter Bunny and its Nifty Carrots    Added - 2010-04-04
Dawn's Quest (Ends Friday 3/19/2010)    Added - 2010-03-14
Savage Crisis Nexus Spirit    Added - 2010-02-08
Savage Crisis Peace Offering    Added - 2010-02-06
Savage Crisis War!    Added - 2010-02-05
Savage Crisis    Added - 2010-01-24
Another Dumb Screenshot on Stratics    Added - 2009-09-20
Battle of the Dragons    Added - 2009-09-05
Pet Summon Battle Arena    Added - 2009-09-04
Cloak of Silence Handouts    Added - 2009-08-29
Detective Quest - Murder of Esme Beaumont    Added - 2009-08-28
Luna Invasion    Added - 2009-08-09
New Web Hosting    Added - 2009-08-09
Casca's Treachery    Added - 2009-08-02
Evidence Against Our King!    Added - 2009-07-26
A Traitor in the Midst    Added - 2009-07-25
Mysterious Stranger    Added - 2009-04-25
Clainins Memorial    Added - 2009-04-21
The Eminent Library Donator    Added - 2009-04-15
Easter Event    Added - 2009-04-12
Easter Bunny Makes an Early Appearence    Added - 2009-04-11
Hamburglar The Lamer    Added - 2009-04-08
Assassination of Clainin    Added - 2009-03-28
The Super Best Tamer    Added - 2009-03-27
The Worldgem Bit Exploit    Added - 2009-02-28
Pepta's Satiety Cure Quest    Added - 2008-09-10
Publish 55 has arrived    Added - 2008-09-10
Spring Cleaning 2008    Added - 2008-09-10
Vanguard Controllers    Added - 2008-06-14
Spring Cleaning    Added - 2008-06-12
Website Updates    Added - 2008-05-19
Dread War Horses!     Added - 2008-05-18
Website Downtime    Added - 2008-05-14
Moonglow in Peril    Added - 2008-04-17
Blackrock Detection Machine in Moonglow Trammel    Added - 2008-03-28
Inu The Crone Spotted at The Scholar's Inn in Moonglow    Added - 2008-03-26
Is EA reacting to Cheaters?    Added - 2008-02-22
Greater Dragons    Added - 2008-02-16
New Cooking Ingredients for "Chocolatiering"    Added - 2008-02-16
Current Events 2008-02-15    Added - 2008-02-15
Gaining skills while AFK and not breaking EA Terms of Service in Ultima Online    Added - 2008-01-27
Atlas Updates    Added - 2008-01-07
Website Comments    Added - 2007-12-27
Website Additions!    Added - 2007-09-03
Added Twisted Weald Walk Through    Added - 2007-04-21
Added Citadel Walk Through    Added - 2007-04-13
Website Updating    Added - 2007-04-12

User Comments
Cherokee, thanks for    Submitted By : Lili    ( 2015-11-10    11:43:31 )
Cherokee, thanks for stimbtuing them! As mentioned in the post, it was no easy task to sort through so many good stories to choose the twelve I had room to put into the anthology. Hanshishiro, oh, one way or another you'll get to read it. I prefer to avoid self-publishing, and these days I generally can. Avery, I certainly think it's a fantastic collection!Leo, of course. An empire is more than the nation that rules it; it's a structure of relations among nations, and can't be understood apart from the whole system to which the imperial nation belongs. Jasmine, I'm already on the first two points. As for the third, you're off by a few decades. The US today is roughly at the same point in its decline as Britain in 1912, when it was still far and away the mightiest nation on Earth, with a military technostructure -- the Royal Navy -- that was strong enough to overwhelm any two competing powers put together. By 1940 that was no longer true...but we haven't reached the equivalent of 1940 yet. Phil, I'd love to come over to your side of the pond sometime, when funds permit -- a writer's income won't cover much in the way of international travel just now, but there's always the chance that something will turn up. If I do, I'll look forward to that tour. Raven, well, what do you think I've been talking about for the last six months or so? Steve, thank you. Working on the translation has been an education in itself. I probably shouldn't even mention this, but I've also begun studying the I Ching as a guide to whole system processes, with an eye toward an eventual translation. Source Dweller, by all means recommend it to the CBC! ;-)Mister R., it's a bit more complex than that, since one of the main reasons why more people are diagnosed with diabetes these days is that the definition of diabetes has been changed, just as body weights and blood pressures that used to be considered normal and healthy are now used to justify selling you drugs. Still, one of the consequences of the end of American empire is going to be a sharp decrease in the availability of expensive health care modalities and pharmaceuticals. I've discussed that in previous posts, of course. Jim, nicely put. I've had some entertaining times with British friends on the left who like to go on at length about the sins of the United States, until the corresponding sins of their own country are pointed out to them. Edde, thank you! One of the common experiences of imperial decline is that attempts to try to pull out of decline, if they turn to the old toolkit of warfare and the like, simply speed the decline along. The Neoconservatives are among the best recent examples of that; I'll be discussing them down the road a bit.
Carpenter / Fighter    Submitted By : Alex VII    ( 2016-02-22    00:42:12 )
Passing through to see what I can stir. Attempting to access my old bank account (in game). Waiting for email account information/UO response to gain access once again...

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