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The Eminent Library Donator
Moonglow Zoo at Tier 11!

Moonglow Zoo
You can now see the silver steeds at moonglow zoo on the Pacific Shard!

There is plaque hanging next to the steed that reads "Silver Steeds Are Nearly Extinct. The Few Remaining Steeds Are Living Mythical Creatures."

The Interview
Good fortune was upon me. Someone opened a gate bringing a pack of polar bears to donate to the library. Boy was Lin.hhh Dedicated she wouldn't respond to me she was sooo dedicated.

Fortune upon me once again, I ran into them on ice island! They told me they were in great danger and I should buy bag balls! They said I needed to put the bag balls at a special location in Luna for them.

I recalled to luna and purchased the bagballs as quick as I could!

I went back to save her and opened a gate to the special location in luna.

Other players came to visit to ask her how someone could be so dedicated.
It was time for real life endevours so I took a break to eat dinner.

She was missing when I came back from dinner. Someone had moved them.

We continued to talk and I saw her title of Eminent Library Contributor.

One of the players on Pacific thought it was the best interview they had ever seen!

2009.04.15 Balka [D0S-]