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The Super Best Tamer
Bulls are great creatures for gaining the taming skill. You can train on them from around 80 skill up to 120!. Because of the wide range of skill gain and the bulls being a neutral animal (ones that don't attack on site) evil players who run scripts see them as prime pickings. The most common location for bulls to spawn is at the Jhelom Farms.

There is a great little barn which is extremely easy to trap scripters in. Two bag balls and you'll have them locked in!

Our Unattended Macroer of the day is "Twelve Monkeys [KYRI]" of the Guild "Keepers of Kyrite" of the faction Minax [MIN]. He isn't our choice because he's in the largest opposing faction alliance, it was just random luck and coincidence.

Knowing how many other players LOVE to see scripters, I decided to open my traveling circus for the evening. Unattended macroers stuck in bag balls are our prime attractions!

"Sultani Stugotzz [|M|]" from the guild Malicious Intent didn't like his KYRI buddy being stuck in the bag ball arena. He promptly removed one of the bag balls so his friend could escape. With amazing speed "Twelve Monkeys [KYRI]" dashed out of the bag ball arena and ran full speed into the fence and stopped!.

A moongate was opened up to one of the 9 special Malas pouch locations. "Twelve Monkeys [KYRI]" accidently ran over this moongate while trying to chase after a bull!

At first we had thought we lost him, with amazing speed he had run from the north east most corner to the south west corner of the mountain top location. To be safe we set a few more bag balls around him incase he saw another bull and ran off. Our top priority was safety for this player.

Not wanting him to die in the desert alone we decided to set up a small area in Luna above the healer. It was a nice area out of the way where he wouldn't hurt himself or get in the way of other players.

After getting "Twelve Monkeys [KYRI]" to luna, I decided to advertise my circus show one more time!

A member in the audience, "Velvet Kualono", realized his afk macroer friend "Twelve Monkeys [KYRI]" may get paged on if someone sees him at this location! Acting fast he called his buddies in the guild "Super Best Friends" "Lord Mr Bojangles [SUPR]" and "Swifty [SUPR]" were the first to arrive.

A fierce battle insued in attempted to kill "Twelve Monkeys [KYRI]". We decided to start healing, but we had a secret weapon. Most AFK macroers have auto heal script running, thats right we didn't have to work very hard to heal this guy.

After noticing there pets would not attack there friend (same faction) they started to poison him to counter the barrage of heals. One of our team members focused on curing "Twelve Monkeys [KYRI]".

A battle against fierce warriors insued, "Twelve Monkeys [KYRI]"'s friends called in for more reinforcements. "Budweiser [SUPR]" showed up with the help of "Sultani Stugotzz [|M|]" showing him the way.

The extra fire power along with our shortcomings, our mage now worn from casting cures repeatedly during the massive fight, we were unabled to keep "Twelve Monkeys [KYRI]" alive. "Swifty [SUPR]" towered over the corpse his his Super Best Alliance Friend "Twelve Monkeys [KYRI]".

We retreated to the Luna bank, "like the trammel bank sitters we are" (-some idiot pvper), to morn over the loss of our entertaining scripter. "Swifty [SUPR]" must have been very upset with our actions as he repeatedly cast holy light around us to distrupt our conversation, either that or his Massively powerful Holy Light anti D0S- script went amuck attempting to kill us at the bank.

And no you dumb shits we didn't page on your retarded friend. Thank you for the entertaining night and slaying your "Super Best Friend" infront of us.

2009.03.26 Balka [D0S-]