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Order of the Eight Virtues
Blackrock golems invading Magincia    Added - 2010-10-10
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Detective Quest - Murder of Esme Beaumont    Added - 2009-08-28
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Evidence Against Our King!    Added - 2009-07-26
A Traitor in the Midst    Added - 2009-07-25
Mysterious Stranger    Added - 2009-04-25
Clainins Memorial    Added - 2009-04-21
The Eminent Library Donator    Added - 2009-04-15
Easter Event    Added - 2009-04-12
Easter Bunny Makes an Early Appearence    Added - 2009-04-11
Hamburglar The Lamer    Added - 2009-04-08
Assassination of Clainin    Added - 2009-03-28
The Super Best Tamer    Added - 2009-03-27
The Worldgem Bit Exploit    Added - 2009-02-28
Pepta's Satiety Cure Quest    Added - 2008-09-10
Publish 55 has arrived    Added - 2008-09-10
Spring Cleaning 2008    Added - 2008-09-10
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Spring Cleaning    Added - 2008-06-12
Website Updates    Added - 2008-05-19
Dread War Horses!     Added - 2008-05-18
Website Downtime    Added - 2008-05-14
Moonglow in Peril    Added - 2008-04-17
Blackrock Detection Machine in Moonglow Trammel    Added - 2008-03-28
Inu The Crone Spotted at The Scholar's Inn in Moonglow    Added - 2008-03-26
Is EA reacting to Cheaters?    Added - 2008-02-22
Greater Dragons    Added - 2008-02-16
New Cooking Ingredients for "Chocolatiering"    Added - 2008-02-16
Current Events 2008-02-15    Added - 2008-02-15
Gaining skills while AFK and not breaking EA Terms of Service in Ultima Online    Added - 2008-01-27
Atlas Updates    Added - 2008-01-07
Website Comments    Added - 2007-12-27
Website Additions!    Added - 2007-09-03
Added Twisted Weald Walk Through    Added - 2007-04-21
Added Citadel Walk Through    Added - 2007-04-13
Website Updating    Added - 2007-04-12

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Test XSS    Submitted By : Lyconis    ( 2007-12-27    17:12:35 )
<a href="http://oev.hilands.com">
<img src="http://oev.hilands.com/img/banners/banner.1.jpg" />
BB Code Testing ALL.    Submitted By : Lyconis    ( 2007-12-27    19:55:41 )





I was born in one of    Submitted By : Kyouko    ( 2014-04-18    20:51:26 )
I was born in one of London's new 1930s suburbs, just over a year into Phase II of the 20thC World War, and reebemmr bombs and flames and pilotless drones. When I reached school in the post-war austerity period the somewhat tattered atlases we were given still had the British Empire coloured a pinkish red that seemed to cover the majority of the Mercator projection. We stood with our mother in line ('queued') with ration books for basic food items, and our new Prime Minister's first job was to get rid of the Empire (first up was India which did not pay its way anymore) and bring back the Regimental Silver and hand strategic military positions to the USA. (For example, Iraq and Bahrein; and we had to smartly get out of Israel and leave that to you Americans. The final exit from Egypt and the Suez Canal - think of an earlier version of Hormuz - took another 10 years until Dwight Eisenhower was forced to kindly put paid to remaining illusions.) We were in debt to the USA for many decades. It was only recently however that I learned the real history of British Coal.Until I was in my 20s we still were lighted and heated and in large measure transported by coal. (People largely had trains and bicycles and crowded buses and trams.) Nuclear power turned out not to be a game-changer. Peak Coal had been in 1913 a tad less than 300M tons annually. UK is now well under 20Mt and still going down as we get the last of the surface coal only available economically because of the recent advent of huge diesel-fired machinery in the last years of our decline. We import something like 50Mt of coal for electricity generation. Going back 100 years to that 300M tons at peak, 100Mt went for export. My goodness we could run an Imperial Navy in those days, pay for our vast food imports, our cotton and wool and a lot more raw materials as well as fuel our industries. I guess though the conditions of our mining communities were probably a touch worse than those in modern China who now fill a similar role.In my childhood there were still "true-believers". Our war-time Prime Minister Churchill was truly devoted to 'The Empire' and had a reprise as PM on the edge of dotage in the 1950s.There are still lots of old engineers (and some young ones) who will tell you that UK still sits on massive reserves of coal. They mostly acknowledge though that we are no longer surrounded by a sea of fish. These declines where they are acknowledged are usually attributed, however, to greedy labour unions or Margaret Thatcher (coal) or the European Union (fish).I invite you to come over some time and I will take you round the backyards not visible from Olympiad. Forget the multiple towers of London and Princes in uniform. Things are not what they seem. Oil and NG gave us a post-imperial coat of gloss this last 30 years and the financial industry' produced a whole new definition of Wealth; we still suck it in, but a lot of us are feeling distinctly uneasy, if not queasy.JMG is right. Declines have consequence.

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