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How to Speed up your ability to loot corpses
There are many styles to looting corpses. The basic player will know how to double click on a corpse. Run there mouse to the random location the corpse "container" appeared. Click on the item (gold) to loot, if stackable click ok on the amount gump. And Drag the item to there open backpack.

There is an easier solution. Double click on the corpses name (easier to find). Disable window offsetting so you know where the corpse "container" will appear. Set your paperdoll or loot back (minimized) near the upper right corner of your screen. Shift click stackables drag 20 pixels and you have just saved a chunk of your loot time.

Creating Macros and setting up your interface

AllNames Macro

In your options go to the Macro Options (a half moon arrow) The first macro we will create is the AllNames Macro. This will allow us to press a key or keycombination and have all the names of live monsters and corpses appear in our game play window.

LastObject Macro

Secondly we will create a LastObject macro. Last object will save us from double clicking on everything we see. If we double click the item we can use our LastObject Macro to double click the exact item. When opening a door, you can close the door behind you with the LastObject. When seeing an item out of reach, you can run up and while passing use the LastObject macro to double click on it.
This macro plays one major key to looting. Everyone has killed enough monsters in one location where the corpses stack up on top of each other. The sprites in Ultima Online act somewhat strange in the 2D environment. The sprites get merged in the interface and require multiple double clicks to find the corpse under a corpse. Sometimes you can have corpses burried 3 or 4 deep. By double clicking on the first corpse, you can use the LastObject Macro to reveal all corpses underneath simply by holding the key down. When holding down the key(s) for the macro you may get a timeout notice. The macro will auto resume when the timeout is gone.

Window Offset

When trying to outloot someone Timing is everything. By Default containers will offset one another. The pattern is not completely random, but can be placed anywhere on your screen. Usually the corpses will not open close to your paperdoll or your container you want to drop items in.

To fix this we will disable the option for Offset interface windows rather than perfectly stacking them You can disable this by going into your options and selecting the interface menu (mouse icon).

Now when you open a container all of the containers will stack one on top of the other in the upper right corner of your gameplay window. Notice how you can place your paperdoll close to where the containers will always open.

UO Assist Auto show corpse names

If you have UO Assist running you can configure it to display the name of a corpse as soon as you the creature/monster/player dies.
From the Common tab in UO Assist click on the checkbox next to Auto show corpse names

Killing and Looting a Corpse

Find Your Target

In our test case our test mark will be an Earth Elemental

Kill Your Target

Inflict enough damage to kill your target mark (Earth Elemental)

Opening the Corpse

If you do not have UO Assist you will have to use your AllNames Macro If UO Assist is running, and you have the Auto show corpse names active, you will automatically see the corpse name appear. Run up to the body so you will be next to the corpse name and double click the corpse.


By disabling the window offset feature, the corpse container will appear in the upper right corner of the game play window. Notice the placement of the paperdoll. Shift-click and Drag the gold onto the backpack of your paperdoll. (Shift-click will take the complete stack of the item) Release the gold while its over your backpack. The gold will now be placed in your main bag and automatically stacked with any other piles of gold.

Clean up

With the drop location so close to the corpse we have just saved ourself valuable time to loot other items.
When you are finished Right-Click on the Corpse Container.

Distance Quick loot with the use of LastObject

Find Your Target

In this example we will use a corpser as they are a stationary target.

Kill Your Target

With my mage I ran up to the target to cast poison.

Standing Back

When your at a distance and your target dies it can be hard to get to the corpse before the corpse name disappears.

Set the LastObject "target"

At a distance we will double click the Corpse Name. We will receive the message I can't reach that.. Even though we cannot reach the corpse we have just set our LastObject macro to Open the container when used.

If you do not use UO Assist you would use your AllNames Macro to show the corpse name then double click on the corpse name.

Get into Looting Range

Run up to the corpse and while running you can use your LastObject Macro As soon as it opens stop running.

Loot Items

We start by looting the gold. Shift Click the Gold and Drag it on your the bag in your paperdoll.

Release the mouse button and continue onto the next item.

Do the same for the Mandrake Root, Shift-Click Drag and Drop. Since I am playing a mage character with my reagents in my primary bag I decided I want to place the mandrake root in with the rest of my stack.

The Last item on the corpse is a log. I hate having random items in my primary bag.

Drag items to looting bag.

Because we don't want this item in our primary bag we will place our "looting bag" minimized near our container display location.

Open our Looting Bag

When you open your looting bag you will notice a nice stack of the items you dropped in it located in the upper left corner of the bag.

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