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Treasure Map How To
(October 6, 2010)
How to hunt treasure without mining in Ultima Online with the changes in treasure maps in 2010.
This tutorial will teach you how to use GIMP and UOAM to find the exact location of a treasure map in UO.

Treasure Map marker
We will be using a pre made marker similiar to the one to the left. Allowing us to pinpoint the location!

External Tools
1) GNU Image Manipulation Program (http://www.gimp.org)
2) UO Auto Map (http://uoam.net)
3) Treasure map image file (tmap.xcf)

1) Take a screenshot of the map and crop it
Treasure Map
Using the cartography skill decode the treasure map by double click on it.
Use the "Print Screen" key to copy a screenshot to the windows clipboard.
Import the clipboard's image into gimp by going to File > Create > From Clipboard, or by clicking CTRL + SHIFT + V.
Cropping the screenshot Crop tool icon
Use the Cropping Tool to select a small portion of the treasure map. After selecting the area with the cropping tool left click anywhere in the selected space to crop.

2) Resize the image by 1600%
Resizing the image
From the GIMP menu bar select Image > Scale Image...
Resizing the image at 1600 percent
Change the drop down box for image size to Percent and enter 1600.00 in the "Width" and "Height" text fields.

3) Select the cropped portion and copy it to the clipboard
Select entire layer
With the blown up image select the entire layer and copy it to the windows clipboard.
From the GIMP menu bar choose Select > All, or press CTRL + A.
Followed by Edit > Copy, or CTRL + C.

4) Paste the layer and move the layer below the markers
pasting into the tmap.xcf file
Open the tmap.xcf file and paste the enlarged cropped version of the treasure map we modified above.
From the GIMP menu bar choose Edit > Paste, or CTRL + V
layer window pasted layer moving the layer
Notice the layer window will show a "Floating selection (Pasted Layer)". Click on the new layer button at the bottom of the layers section. Drag the "Pasted Layer below the markers section.

5) Move the pasted layer underneath the treasure map marker
moving the pasted layer move tool icon
almost perfect
Using the "Move Tool" grab the "Pasted Layer image and do your best to match the treasure map markers

6) Using "difference" to match the treasure map marker
using difference to match up the layers setting difference on the correct layer
We can use the "difference" layer effect to match the markers. Select the "tmap marker" layer in the layers tool and change the mode to "Difference".
matched layers! move tool icon
Use the "Move Tool" on the "Pasted Layer". When the marker image is matched on both the "tmap marker" layer and the "pasted layer" layer the treasure map marker will turn completely black.

7) Find the location in UOAM (remove tilt and tracking)
screenshot of uoam
cropping uoam screenshot
Take a screenshot of the UO Auto Map client and crop it similar to step 1. Copy the newly cropped image to the clipboard

8) Align the UOAM pasted layer
paste into xcf
Paste the image into the tmap.xcf file as we did in step 4 for the treasure map.
Use the move tool to align the images the best you can.
using difference to align layers
You can use the difference tool as we did in step 6 to try to match similarities between the layers.

9) Go to the location and start digging!
digging up the treasure
adjusting dig location as we're on top of it!
Our first attempt had something on top of the chest. If this happens take a step back and try again.

10) Clear the Guardian's
treasure guardians
The initial wave of chest guardians can be quite overwhelming. You must destroy all of the guardians before you can attempt to pick the chests lock.

11) Unlock the chest
picking the lock
While attempting to unlock the chest you run the risk of destroying the items inside. If your lock picking skill is not up to par you may want to try to use "A Skeleton Key". Failed lock pick attempts will result in damaged items inside the chest.
A special creature may appear while you are picking the lock called "A Grubber". These creatures will steal loot from the chest, you had best be ready to kill them quick.

12) Remove the chests trap
removing the trap
Even though you have picked the chest you still have to remove the trap. You can do this easily as a mage with the telekenisis spell. Take a few steps back and target the chest. If the chest is under a tree or bushes try using the last target macro. (more information on targeting macros can be found here http://oev.hilands.com/tips-targetingsystem.html)

13) Loot the chest
Obtaining the treasure
As you loot the chest there is a chance more monsters will appear. Only one monster will appear per dragged item. If you stop dragging items monsters will not spawn.

14) Final Location of map
log location
I've already had a duplicate location since the latest publish, so I have been creating screenshots of the map at the final location with the coordinates listed in UO Auto Map or UO Cartographer.

More information on treasure maps can be found here http://uo.stratics.com/php-bin/show_content.php?content=31656

User Comments
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